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As the examination season comes to it’s long overdue finale, my thoughts are left to fumble over the past few weeks. The exams themselves, of course, are only half the story as our fate now lies with a regiment of examiners armed with red Biros and those dreaded mark schemes.

A fate which clearly slipped my mind during a particular examination where I found myself insulting approximately 18% of the entire world’s population.

It was during a ‘General studies’ examination (an exam which is pretty much as the name suggests!) when I chose to answer a question regarding how families in the UK were changing as well as their economic/social consequences. I suppose saying I ‘chose’ to answer that question is a bit of an overstatement, I merely settled for it in the face of a different choice of question regarding organ transplants. Since my knowledge of transplants is neither ‘general’ nor specific, it wasn’t much of a contest!

As the invidulator declared that ‘we may now begin’, I started what began as a formal and punctual essay. But, as my argument developed and boredom struck, it wasn’t too long before my coherence turned to chaos. In fact, as soon as I began evaluating the negative ‘consequences’ of gay marriage my ranting took a turn for the personal. I began to recall all that the Catholic Church has spewed with regards to how same-sex marriage is harmful to society and (in my heated, flustered exam state) I may have directly scorned the Pope himself!

I debated crossing all of this out but in my head I figured that a little controversy may make my essay stand out a little in my favour, that is, only of course if my examiner isn’t a fan of the dear Pope.

So there you have it, if you want to potentially offend the person who has the power over your qualifications, insulting the Pope could be a good place to start. Ohhh, sometimes I wonder why I’m trusted with pens!



There are a number of nonsensical and short-sighted arguments in favour of the discrimination against homosexuals but what my eyes fell witness to the other day may have just have topped them all…

In the form of a questionable advertisement that recently made tracks across the internet, an argument was advocated against homosexual parents. However, despite its clear homophobic incentive, the only possible insight that was gained on my behalf was that the people who are dumb enough to create and deliver such tragic arguments are generally the ones ignorant enough to hold such views in the fist place.

In short, the scene depicted two children playing at a park before each succumbed to a fate of falling off a climbing wall and hence brought about the concerned attention of the aforementioned children’s parents. Obviously one child was to be met by a generic and squeamishly-sensitive mother who, after noticing his solitude, questioned the other child with ‘where’s your mommy?’It was then he became shadowed by two seemingly cold-hearted silhouettes (of which I presume were his fathers) who simply on-looked the hurt child before the ad ended with the painfully misguided sentiment; ‘Marriage, One Man One Woman’.


So taking the advert’s claim that a child can only expect to be cared for if he or she is fortunate enough come from  a ‘nuclear family unit’ then what about all the children brought up by single parents? Grandparents? No parents?

Are we really expected to believe that the 21.8 million children in the U.S.A. who are being brought up by a single parent are simply not receiving necessary care? That they are even perhaps in danger of neglect?

Of course not.

For what this advert is singularly attempting to insinuate are the flawed perceptions that a child brought up with two parents who happen to be of the same gender ultimately (because of that factor alone) are ineffective and even negligent as parents when there is simply no evidence to support this at all.

There are currently 60, 000 children living in care homes in the U.K. alone. That is 60,000 children without a secure home and that perfect and apparently necessary ‘one man one woman family unit’. And let me tell you,

not a single of those children are living with such deprivation because of negligent gay parents.

There are so many other flaws within this argument that my threateningly-frozen fingers would be at risk of simply breaking off if I were to continue stamping out my outrage via the pressing of computer keys.

Nevertheless please don’t be afraid to tell me that my points suck and that I should rethink my entire life! Thank you for reading! 🙂


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