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To one, she was a wife.

To two, she was a mother.

And to an entire nation, she was a leader.

Today marked the grievous end of Margaret Thatcher’s momentous 87 years.  Her legacy, however, which still perseveres throughout the United Kingdom, will, undoubtedly, live on in a society indebted to her strength.

Perhaps more worldly recognised as the first female British Prime minister, I feel that it would be fair to say that this was the least of her triumphs. In only eleven years she lead her country to countless victories which leaders before her premiership would not have been prepared to achieve.

It was in 1982 when she led Britain to an unlikely victory in the Falklands, a victory that has been compared even to those of Winston Churchill, and it was also at this time she proved that ‘this lady is not for turning’.

Also notable was her leap towards peace between the countries of Ireland and Great Britain that had been amidst tension for hundreds of years. In the face of strikes and critics she remained strong and in turn led to what would become an end to the ‘troubles’.

Even to this day, however, her critics remain just as fierce causing what is, perhaps, one of the greatest divides in public opinion. Indeed, to some, she was considered evil but, to even more, she is a hero.

Although, what this split cannot deny is how Margaret Thatcher, undeniably, put the ‘Great’ back into Great Britain.

R.I.P. The ‘Iron Lady’: 13 October 1925 – 8 April 2013


Perhaps, in a single word, last week could be described as tentative.

The subject of history at the moment, I feel, is almost like a rejected organ. I know I need it for my future, my brain knows it too, yet it seems like the more facts and figures that are shot my way the more eager my mind is to simply reject them.

Another interesting turn of events this week would be my lonely arrival to the ‘magazine club’ my school has created as part of the ‘enrichment’ options available. To me this sounded like such a wonderful opportunity and consequently I still cannot fathom why I was the only one  out of over 100 people to show an interest! Fortunately the school now don’t expect an entire magazine out of their ‘club’; instead I am now to create a regular newsletter! At least now the needs of approval and conferring of my writing will be- to say the least- minimum.

On a final note I have realised how I despise being analysed.  Yet, when I try to understand why this is I can only think it’s because I’m trying to avoid an uncovering of truth.

What am I trying to hide?


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