Before setting off to Iceland last summer, my team and I received a rather lengthy list of items that were ‘necessary’ for our trek.

This itinerary included many seemingly plausible items such as socks, boots and a head torch.

However, what the clever people behind this itinerary seemed to forget was; Iceland, in the Summer, has 24 hours of sunlight.

So… not exactly the sort of place where you’d need to drag around an artificial light!

Yet, in the heat of excitement I purchased everything on the list from painfully pink fleeces to Indiana Jones-styled hats and indeed a useless head torch.

Useless, that is, until I gave the neglected item a different purpose.


Now reading in bed at night doesn’t find me awkwardly positioned in order to somehow gather enough of the room’s light to be able to see, rather, I have become my own source!

I just hope my future spouse doesn’t mind sharing a bed with a weirdo.

(And yes, I know that this post’s title was extremely questionable! But it obviously worked pretty well in grabbing your attention ey? 😉 )