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Lately I’ve been having somewhat of a conflict between the idea of ‘fate’ and attempting to remain rational. I’m terrible at that! Life seems almost too full of wanted and unwanted coincidences and, in turn, it can be difficult to let go when you so strongly believe in a fate despite how it may hold as much accurate prophecy as the apocalypse of 2012.

Hope is for the fools
Whose faith cling
Like a virus under the skin
Where the strongest
Are the weakest.
Fate isn’t a string
Of choosing.
Yet, I played it all
On the deck of
My heart.

I am lost and still losing.



Is that… no… a smile?!

The day I can wash my hair without annihilating my eyes with shampoo, is the day I start believing in God.

As the examination season comes to it’s long overdue finale, my thoughts are left to fumble over the past few weeks. The exams themselves, of course, are only half the story as our fate now lies with a regiment of examiners armed with red Biros and those dreaded mark schemes.

A fate which clearly slipped my mind during a particular examination where I found myself insulting approximately 18% of the entire world’s population.

It was during a ‘General studies’ examination (an exam which is pretty much as the name suggests!) when I chose to answer a question regarding how families in the UK were changing as well as their economic/social consequences. I suppose saying I ‘chose’ to answer that question is a bit of an overstatement, I merely settled for it in the face of a different choice of question regarding organ transplants. Since my knowledge of transplants is neither ‘general’ nor specific, it wasn’t much of a contest!

As the invidulator declared that ‘we may now begin’, I started what began as a formal and punctual essay. But, as my argument developed and boredom struck, it wasn’t too long before my coherence turned to chaos. In fact, as soon as I began evaluating the negative ‘consequences’ of gay marriage my ranting took a turn for the personal. I began to recall all that the Catholic Church has spewed with regards to how same-sex marriage is harmful to society and (in my heated, flustered exam state) I may have directly scorned the Pope himself!

I debated crossing all of this out but in my head I figured that a little controversy may make my essay stand out a little in my favour, that is, only of course if my examiner isn’t a fan of the dear Pope.

So there you have it, if you want to potentially offend the person who has the power over your qualifications, insulting the Pope could be a good place to start. Ohhh, sometimes I wonder why I’m trusted with pens!


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