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Today I received a notification from WordPress congratulating me on having been a member of the site for precisely two years! That’s certainly a long time- an eighth of my entire existence in fact.

A lot has changed since then; for one, I have discovered the extraordinary concept of ‘tagging’ posts. You see, for a long time previous to that discovery, I must have assumed that readers would simply appear magically. (Admittedly though it is pretty magical how many people have read my aging blog over the years! Man, I feel old just saying ‘years’ with an ‘s’.)

In a short time this blog has given me an unmissable amount of joy, in particular the time it was broadcast to my English class (on two occasions nonetheless!).

But of course with great anniversaries comes great sentimentality, which has inspired this short poem out of me-

If I shouldn’t see another
Sun-sodden field or sky of blue,
Think only this of me. Those days,
Spent in your arms, though few,
Were the greatest of any other.
O, how I loved you.

Happy Birthday Blog!

I’ve just realised that if you were a human you’d probably be walking by now… oh my!


Today I was just one of many 16 year-olds around England to get my G.C.S.E. results…

There in my hands; the product of two years worth of immeasurable stress, time and torture condensed on to a single piece of paper.

The product? Seven A*s, three As and a B.

A particularly unexpected result (A* in English language) has taught me the benefits of taking risks in order to achieve.

I didn’t write what I thought they wanted to hear; I wrote entirely from my own conscious mind.

And even got in an anecdote about a porn star.

So my advice is to always make room for a little apprehension but never be too afraid to take a risk.

Now all there is to do is wait for what A-Levels have to throw at me!

Yes! I have survived my World Challenge in Iceland!

And, believe me, that is just one of my smaller achievements on the entire trek.

In only two weeks I have had to overcome fears that I never even realised I had. I’ve have to push myself beyond my capabilities and- perhaps most profoundly- I survived 9 mornings of porridge.

Alas, returning to England and hence reality has made me realise just how much I loved life without it. No Facebook or mobiles. Just living.

But I suppose you know it’s time to be home when you find yourself fed up of mountains stretched in their miles and a constant 360 degrees worth of breath-taking views.

I have an entire journal of adventures and small tales that I cannot wait to share with you and re-live myself.

Until then I shall be resting my weary feet and apologising to my digestive system.


At precisely (or as precisly as English transportation can be, which I suppose isn’t at all!) 8.00 a.m. tomorrow a team of 34 people and I will be leaving our little town of Pickering to the destination of Manchester airport!

For the begining of our adventure in Iceland.

I am both terrified and excited.

I will miss a lot of things; mainly my cat and possibly my bed as well as my friends.

So it will be a short while before you’ll be hearing from the world of Pinkjumpers, but I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you when I return!

In the meantime you can take amusment from this wonderful impression of a unicorn whilst I’m wearing a very small amount of my gear. Lol.


I’m not sure whether to sob or laugh or smile!



This is going to be just a general update of my life

In just three days I will be leaving the comfort and the rain of Great Britain for an adventure across seas.

Well, more like getting smelly and exhausted on a two week trek in the fiery and icy depths of Iceland!

Amidst my nerves and terror I am undoubtedly excited and hopefully ready for the new experiences that await my team and I.

I have also just finished reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë; a wonderful masterpiece! And that is even without thinking too deeply of the significant meanings and parallels threaded between the words and chapters.

Deciding what book to take to Iceland is proving quite a difficult challenge especially as I hate knowing a lot about a book before I read it; so I have little to go on with my choices.

I have, however, narrowed it down to three- ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’ by Hardy, ‘Shirley’ by Brontë or ‘Far From the Madding crowd’ by Hardy. But whatever book I choose I shall always associate it with Iceland and my adventures there so there lies the pressure of my ultimate decision. (Any book suggestions would be extremely appreciated!)

As you’ll be able to tell by now, I am a sucker for the old classics.

I shall end this post not just with my excitement of the near future but with a little advice too.

Never leave for a long walk in a fowl mood.


I’m writing this post as I get ready for my year 11 end of term prom!

I’ve been so pre-occupied with exams this last couple of months that I haven’t taken any great time to think about the prom, what it means etc.

But now it’s suddenly here!

Which is crazy as I’ve been telling myself for the past five years that there’s no need to bother worrying or even thinking about the prom because it’s so far in to the future..

yet this future is now only a few hours away.

That all aside I’m definitely looking forward to the evening! Most of all I’m looking forward to being with my friends in a sophisticated setting as opposed to a typical muddy day in the woods climbing rotten hills and such.

It could be the last occasion that I spend any time with a lot of people of whom I’ve spent the last five or even eleven years with.

But I’m determined not to dwell on all that sentimental gooey stuff as I’m planning to enjoy myself to the utmost!

Some people seem to take the prom very seriously, which is okay in small amounts until you end up stressing over it; especially as it’s supposed to be an evening of complete folly with the closure of exams and being with chums.

Nope, if I fall over or if someone is wearing the same dress as I…

well, I’m just going to laugh the evening away anyway!

(P.S. pictures soon!)





The world has become, for a first time, a very scary place it seems.

Change at this moment is a constant yet chaotic theme to all aspects in my life.

All this change is so sudden; like everything is falling further out of a once familiar and stable place.

There have been so many sentimental farewells and ‘last times’, it seems like an entire epoch in my life is coming to an end. Although I suppose that was inevitable.

Realising that I will no longer spend my school days with two of my closest friends, or many of whom I’ve grown up with seems like such a sad turning point, I guess that I never truly thought it would happen.

Yes, I have a handful of wonderful memories but never the opportunity to re-live them.

Change is one of the few things that humans cannot control or even, occasionally, help to keep stable. I realise that I’ve never been exactly used to helpless situations..

…if I’m not doing as well as I would like in a subject then I can revise; if I’m lonely I can call someone up or if I’m not as fit as I want to be then I can exercise.

But all this new change in my life cannot be controlled, especially not with time.

Perhaps I’m just having an early mid-life crisis. It seems like something that I would manage!

I suppose I am left to simply look forward to all the new people and memories that are yet to arrive and there is no doubt that I shall.


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