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There are a number of nonsensical and short-sighted arguments in favour of the discrimination against homosexuals but what my eyes fell witness to the other day may have just have topped them all…

In the form of a questionable advertisement that recently made tracks across the internet, an argument was advocated against homosexual parents. However, despite its clear homophobic incentive, the only possible insight that was gained on my behalf was that the people who are dumb enough to create and deliver such tragic arguments are generally the ones ignorant enough to hold such views in the fist place.

In short, the scene depicted two children playing at a park before each succumbed to a fate of falling off a climbing wall and hence brought about the concerned attention of the aforementioned children’s parents. Obviously one child was to be met by a generic and squeamishly-sensitive mother who, after noticing his solitude, questioned the other child with ‘where’s your mommy?’It was then he became shadowed by two seemingly cold-hearted silhouettes (of which I presume were his fathers) who simply on-looked the hurt child before the ad ended with the painfully misguided sentiment; ‘Marriage, One Man One Woman’.


So taking the advert’s claim that a child can only expect to be cared for if he or she is fortunate enough come from  a ‘nuclear family unit’ then what about all the children brought up by single parents? Grandparents? No parents?

Are we really expected to believe that the 21.8 million children in the U.S.A. who are being brought up by a single parent are simply not receiving necessary care? That they are even perhaps in danger of neglect?

Of course not.

For what this advert is singularly attempting to insinuate are the flawed perceptions that a child brought up with two parents who happen to be of the same gender ultimately (because of that factor alone) are ineffective and even negligent as parents when there is simply no evidence to support this at all.

There are currently 60, 000 children living in care homes in the U.K. alone. That is 60,000 children without a secure home and that perfect and apparently necessary ‘one man one woman family unit’. And let me tell you,

not a single of those children are living with such deprivation because of negligent gay parents.

There are so many other flaws within this argument that my threateningly-frozen fingers would be at risk of simply breaking off if I were to continue stamping out my outrage via the pressing of computer keys.

Nevertheless please don’t be afraid to tell me that my points suck and that I should rethink my entire life! Thank you for reading! 🙂



There are countless things which I simply cannot fathom, or care to understand, in the minds of homophobic people.

A lot of people easily dismiss, and even joke about, sections of the bible: usually through the notion that the quotations are ‘old-fashioned’ and have little relevance in the modern world.

“Neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee.” — Leviticus 19:19

“Ye shall not round the corners of your heads.” — Leviticus 19:27

“If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltness is upon them.” — Leviticus 20:13

The same author. The same Bible. The same God.

A lot of Christians in the modern age can accept the context of the 2000 year old book- it’s not, necessarily now, to be taken quite so literally.

On the other hand I cannot tolerate the hypocrisies of Christians that are willing to preach the old fashionned views on homosexuality- that it is an ‘abomination’- but disregard the other absurd, yet contextually affected, quotations shown above.

I shall never hold the time for people who believe they know the word of  ‘God’.




“I love you, but…”

“I would go out with you, however..”

“We were made for each other, nevertheless…”

        …”I’m not gay.”

I have realised that these scenarios occur, and often enough to spark my attention. This idea that one person cannot be with someone of their opposite sexuality even though they love one another.

To me this is insanity. If you love somebody then surely that is enough for you to be together?

I am aware of the obvious objections to this: one has labelled themselves as gay or straight and therefore one is surely only physically attracted to a single gender-

But how can that be so, if you find yourself in love with someone that doesn’t fit your sexuality?

To me, love isn’t about gender.

And because of this I’m not gay, bisexual or straight.

I am Anna Ward-Gow.






There are SO many things wrong with the comment above.. I’m not quite sure where to begin…

Firstly, I came across this comment whilst I was Youtube browsing. You can imagine my fury as I hit the Print Screen button on my unsuspecting keyboard- with the intention of showcasing my findings in hope of sharing my disgust with the more open-minded internet users.

Since when has the justification of being gay ever needed another being’s acceptence of agreement?!

How much conclusive evidence do we need to administer to allow these homophobic people realise that homosexuality isn’t a choice nor a disability.. it is love.

I’m sure most homosexual people would merely overlook this ignorant comment in pity for the narrow-mindedness of the author.

But for some people, comments like these are the difference between living and dying.

It’s long overdue that these ‘people’ need to open their minds before they open their mouths.


To anybody who has ever bestowed enough hatred to say or even believe in anything homophobic: this post is for you.

This photograph, if you didn’t already know, is of the fourteen year-old boy Jamey Rodemeyer. Perhaps an ordinary boy, two years younger than myself. The smiling exterior you can see in this picture is the brave face in front of years of, what I can only imagine to be, torturous bullying…

…for Jamey is gay.

He held the ability to love another man.

But because of his fundamental sexuality, like so many others, he was the innocent target of people who deserve no love at all.

Jamey Rodemeyer, at only fourteen years old, thought the only way to cope was to die.

 He killed himself.

Can you only imagine how he must have felt? To feel the need to die? The only answer he saw to his problems was to take his life.

And it is the people who casually slate homosexuals who cause this, not just the bullies! Countries boast of human rights, but where are they here?!


I am truly heartbroken at this.


I wish the world’s shallow inhabitants would open their minds.

I live in a small, out of touch, region of a small yet very in-touch country. This could give excuse to the narrow minds of my neighbours, yet this is contradicted by how the world is vastly connected- nothing in the modern age moves slowly and technology and life is forever upgrading.

So, why is it still okay to label gay people as anything other than people who simply love? With all our ‘advanced’ knowledge that homosexuality isn’t a choice nor is it a ‘disease’. But what good is all this advancement if the people living in it cannot accept fundamental facts? It seems, people just cannot accept what isn’t them.

As aforementioned I live in quite an isolated part of the world where old minds stay stubborn but I hope, dear world, I will find that most of you have minds readily open.




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