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I have been diagnosed today.
A case of ‘Euphoria’, the doctor said,
It is not normal to feel this way.
I said ‘good morning’ with such cheer,
A symptom; met by a scowl
And a muttered ‘Oh dear’. 

‘Do your lips often curl upward?’
A ‘yes’ shone from the crescent moon of
My medallion mouth.
From the other end
Of the room the doctor stood.
Troubled. ‘I’m afraid to say,
t’s not looking good.’



I blossomed in
Your crown,
Held swiftly by
Your limbs,
Safe unto your bole.
Until the cold came
Like a curtain call
Veins turned dry.
You let me go in the fall.

This poem attempts to interpret a literal meaning of the term ‘family tree’, contrasting the strength of a family (or ‘blood’) bond by the fragility of nature and, in my case, the fragility of humankind.


There once was a girl
With golden hair,
Curls like diamonds
And locks so fair

She caught a man’s eye
Like the rays of a Sun
‘With hair as fine as yours,
I think you are the one’.

They were happily wed
Under her golden veil
Until a darkened hour
When money grew stale

‘We have no choice’
Her husband did declare
‘But to cut off and sell
Your golden hair’

Their table became full
But her locks did wane
And now she was a girl
With looks quite plain.

‘Where is my wife?’
Said a love gone cold
‘Like my heart she has vanished,
Sold, along with her hair of gold.’

This poem was inspired by a somewhat sombre idea I had for a Children’s book.


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