Talking to strangers is generally characterised, especially through novels and films, as an enlightening experience full of shared wisdom and thought-provoking pleasantries.
Although this certainly wasn’t the case when a thirty minute conversation with a stranger left me contemplating the career of gold-digging!

At a bus stop I had around 30 minutes to kill when an old man of around 70 sat beside me and began what initially took off as typically British weather-related small talk. Before too long, however, I was given a grand old glimpse into the early dating life of this fellow which seemed to involve a few women who, perhaps, went beyond the step of merely contemplating gold-digging. He told me about one woman who, after he’d spent an entire week’s wages on, left him after that single date and was never heard from again.

But this experience certainly hadn’t made him bitter, rather, he was encouraging me to follow in this girl’s footsteps! He advised me to take everything I can from men when I have the chance.

He was certainlyย a very sweet man and I don’t doubt his kind intentions but I’m not sure I’m entirely won-over on his amicable advice!