Monthly Archives: April 2014

If you’d asked me a few years ago who my favourite people were, I would have exclusively listed famous names and, in turn, people who I had never even met.

Now, however, if you asked me I would say names of people in my life.

This transition is a very relieving one- to realise that friends and family are people who I want in my life not for sheer convenience but rather because of who they are with the qualities that I admire most.

People that I love.

They will be the characters in my novels not through feigned perfection but through their flaws and mannerisms and how they look on a morning and how they laugh and the way they tell jokes and their irritations and their hopes and how they may dislike warm breezes or soggy cereal.

Surrounding myself with positive people has given me a scope for the human nature which is now something I would never want to live without.



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