As a person who has never been married, had a baby or even, as of yet, graduated, I have yet to feel the grander pleasures in life and instead have experienced only the simpler ones. Here is a list of the top ten!

#1 That glorious moment before kissing someone- you know what’s coming, the silence and racing heart declares all, when suddenly two faces become one in a warming frenzy of mutual appreciation.

#2 Compliments from strangers- whilst this is flattery in perhaps the purest of forms, it also draws attention to the marvel that is the kindness of strangers which is all too little recognised in a world fixated on the bad.

#3 Playing cards- without a doubt one of my favourite past times, nothing quite compares to the jovial participation in a game of cards-  surrounded by and appreciating friends, folly and (in the case of Irish Snap) fractured fingers!

#4 Realising it’s Saturday- whilst Monday morning may be a killer for many, the looming prospect of Saturday can always raise one’s spirit through the drudgery of a long week.

#5 Hearing a favourite song on the radio- I’m not sure what it is about hearing a song on the radio which makes it just that little sweeter, nevertheless, cranking up the volume at the immediate surprise is a feeling that must be experienced! (Seated dancing is, of course, advised to maximise this rare occasion!)

#6 That first sip- when feeling utterly parched, not even the finest champagne can compare to the gloriousness of that first gulp of any liquid that is intensely chilled and magnificently refreshing.

#7 Dancing– although my dance moves have a great deal to be desired, the euphoria of dancing; with or without company, with or without music, is disastrously fun and equally therapeutic.

#8 Hugs– as the owner of a rather lengthy list of people who I long to hug, (see ‘Hug list’ above!) it is probably unsurprising that one of my favourite hobbies is this arm-sharing wonderment. Whether it is exchanged through love, sadness or anything in between, one should never refuse a good hug!

#9 Poetic shivers- I refuse to believe than any drug is as powerful, or as satisfying, as the shivers that soar through my spine when I read a beautiful piece of literature.

#10 When the milk turns chocolatey- not only a wonderful metaphor for the pleasures of life (i.e. there are always more Coco Pops to be had!), this phenomenon is perhaps as marvellous as the natural wonders of the Northern lights or Solar eclipses, if only just a little sweeter.