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Our hearts are the hands
Of a ticking clock-
Together only in time
With arms far apart
And too precious to call mine.

Behind your pristine face,
Beyond that golden case,
Thrives a complexity
The human eye cannot see.

It’s only a matter of time
Until the clock strikes,
And we will be together
For a moment
But then we’ll fall
Once more.

But not forever.



As a seventeen year old, it is only natural that I think I know more than I actually do. However, the following list of life tips have stemmed from first-hand experiences and I whole heartedly believe in the importance of all of them.

#1 Never Settle For Less

Perhaps an obvious one for many, but I can shamefully admit that I learnt it the hard way. Of course one must always leave room for compromise, but if you find yourself falling short, whether it’s in a relationship or even a school project, don’t be afraid to make that change because it may only lead to your own downfall.

#2 ‘Don’t regret what you do, regret what you don’t do’

I love this motto and not just because it is wonderfully catchy. For me, at least, this phrase means I don’t have to beat myself up too much about mistakes I have made, which is handy since I certainly make my fair share! Never fear regret in the face of something you wish to do, unless, of course, it involves mutilating your neighbour’s pet cat Muffin!

#3 If you’re 7 years old, do not watch ‘Jaws’

At the ripe young age of seven, my greatest fear was walking into my pantry and being eaten alive by a Great White shark. Although I may have been unaware of the basic living requirements of fish, I was certainly nothing less than emotionally scarred after my mother convinced me to watch a ‘nice film’ about the severing of arms and blood-ridden beaches. Even to this day, entering the sea requires an abnormal amount of courage.


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