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Swallowing a pill doesn’t
Give me a father.
I could inhale all the pills in the world
But a little girl would still be without
Those stubbled hugs and a hand to hold.

I can talk a lot.
I can fill a silent room with words
-if you want-
Talk of all the times that hurt to remember
But those memories wont unstick.

Shoot me with electricity and
Shock my body like a criminal
On death row-
Charged with not letting go.

Tell me I’m just ill.
Tell me I’ll get better
Because maybe I will.

I apologise for the -slightly- gloomy tone of this post! Maybe one day I shall command my creative juices to be more cheery but until then, it looks like I’ll be needing permanent tissues stapled to my cheeks!


Relationships are like a game of cards in that it’s inevitable that you will win some and lose some. It was only recently when I picked up these metaphorical cards myself but -in the white hot heat of love- lost the game entirely. If I’m honest I can admit that I still haven’t yet picked up all the pieces. This is a poem I have written regarding these teenager-esk shenanigans. It’s still a work in progress but I hope there’s something in there worth reading!

You promised me
Your hand and the stars
And with those words you held
My heart
But not with yours.

You spoke in rhyme,
With a rhythm to match
My own
But all along you
Spat a lie
In truth I was alone.

I was just a game,
And you cheated and
Played me
Like an instrument
Out of tune.

But then you dropped me
Like a beat.

Complete emptiness.

With nothing below my feet.

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