As an art-farty student, it has become a tradition of mine to purchase a plain black pencil case at the start of every year and decorate it with paint. Perhaps this is to act as a warning to my fellow scholars in suggesting that I’m a little weird and therefore not to bet on ever enduring a ‘normal’ conversation with me.

Although, I think having started a conversation about noses in one of my first lessons last year pretty much set that one clear.

But, of course, the real reason I seem to have this compulsion to tamper with and draw all over my belongings is simply because I enjoy doing it. And, on the rare occasion it turns out looking okay, then I suppose it’s something interesting to look at.

Proving that I’m not simply being modest when I say it is ‘rare’ that what I design turns out well, I thought I would share this year’s complete failure at imitating Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ on my pencil case.


If anyone asks, I think I’ll have to take sanction in a non-existent younger sibling who was all too confident with a few fabric paints.

(P.s. Thank you to my title-advisor Aiden for this witty wonder!)