Today I received a notification from WordPress congratulating me on having been a member of the site for precisely two years! That’s certainly a long time- an eighth of my entire existence in fact.

A lot has changed since then; for one, I have discovered the extraordinary concept of ‘tagging’ posts. You see, for a long time previous to that discovery, I must have assumed that readers would simply appear magically. (Admittedly though it is pretty magical how many people have read my aging blog over the years! Man, I feel old just saying ‘years’ with an ‘s’.)

In a short time this blog has given me an unmissable amount of joy, in particular the time it was broadcast to my English class (on two occasions nonetheless!).

But of course with great anniversaries comes great sentimentality, which has inspired this short poem out of me-

If I shouldn’t see another
Sun-sodden field or sky of blue,
Think only this of me. Those days,
Spent in your arms, though few,
Were the greatest of any other.
O, how I loved you.

Happy Birthday Blog!

I’ve just realised that if you were a human you’d probably be walking by now… oh my!