It’s that time of year again…

The time when you start to regret all those nights spent doing everything except revision. The time when stress becomes piled up so high that you could metaphorically reach the Moon. The time when it becomes severely appealing to just give up with life’s aspirations and go to work at McDonalds.

(Of course I mean no offence to people who work at McDonalds; having my own intentions of doing a degree in literature puts me in a good chance of eventually working there myself!)

16 days marks the start of my exams.

It’s because of this I wont be posting for a while, (you want me to do well, surely?!) but I wish all the luck to those of you doing exams as well.

I just hope that the piece of paper at the end will be worth all this infernal suffering!

(That is, of course, a joke… an entire forest of paper could not be worth these nerves that I’m sure are determined to consume me!)