In today’s post I plan to retell an amusing anecdote that relies upon an angry woman and the very definition of ‘perfect timing’…

It was a Wednesday afternoon, other students and I were studying in the study room. Yet, as usual, it was far from a peaceful image of students working hard as you may have expected.

In fact, we were all sufficiently rowdy enough to spark the concerned attention of a particular member of staff who consequently entered the room, turning us all to silence.

Her stern look, however, suggested that it wasn’t simply a matter of needing us to be quiet, rather, we were in need of re-thinking our unruly ways and needed to be told so.

She ended her short lecture- still in the perfect silence of the rest of us- by suggesting ‘it would be a good idea to work in total silence from now on’.

And it was at this very moment that, I can safely say, one of the most epic and exceptionally timed occurrences, occurred.

For it was at this very moment that the student’s silence was obliterated by an unsuspecting ‘OOOOOOOOOH YEAHH!!’

Suddenly, all heads were turned at the guilty party.

The room’s eyes were met with the sweetest, most humorous sight I suspect I shall ever see.

Poor old Will had been sat -so engrossed- in his computer studies with headphones so tightly tied to his ears that he hadn’t even realised the teacher’s entrance, our sudden silence or his unanimous stares.

Of course it wasn’t long before he got an overdue elbow-nudge by a fellow student but I think it’s fair to say that at this point the damage had been well and truly done.

Oh how we tried to -somehow- refrain our laughter!!