#1 Fox Hunting

One of the United Kingdom’s greatest traditions and quite frankly the worst. Fox hunting is an inhumane and grotesque form of cowardice fun. Although it was banned in 2005, it is still legal as a form of ‘pest control’ and consequently practised throughout the country. Why should leisure be lethal?

#2 Tea

Although we’re renowned for our tea slurping, I can not stand the stuff! In fact, simply envisaging the stereotypically English ‘tea and biscuits’ sends pure shivers down my spine. Bleurggh.

#3 Yorkshire

My home county, and quite bluntly, one of the least fortunate and backwards places to have grown-up in the British border. (I’m pretty sure that fire was just discovered last week.) Not even the ‘Yorkshire pudding’ can make up for the unforgivable bigotry that shrouds the area and gets carried on through the Yorkshirey genes like a disease.

#4 The persistence of ‘class’ culture

Basically, I have an inherent disliking of the snobbery that still lingers through the ‘upper classes’ in the British Isles. Most directly has been the occasional encounter with students from public schools who always seem to carry such airs along with their crease-less blazers. But perhaps what sticks out the most for me is how my fellow state-students and I were classified as such during a regional competition: ‘Wow, and you’re from a state school?!’.

#5 ‘Friends’ off the air!

One of the most tragic days of my life; the day which friends got taken off the air and left the television a skeleton of the brilliance that it once was. Now all there is to suffer through is the mindless soap operas and the shopping channels.

Bloomin’ heck Britain!