It’s not surprising that a few people who stumble on to my blog from the wider corners of the internet are unusual , to say the least. Weird, after all, attracts weird.

Yet, as I see the accumulation of odd (and slightly unsettling) search engine terms on my ‘Site Stats’, I have concluded there is a line between unusual and darn right balmy.

Don’t mistake this for bragging, rather, I am deeply concerned for the welfare of the mind of quirky internet-user.

Some key examples of this would be the following terms;

-‘freezing cold naked snow girls’

-‘used knickers’

And my personal favourite…

-‘plague doctor porn’.

So, according to this list I am a used-lingerie dealing pornographer accommodating to the historically creepy and those who prefer their women cold.

Well, it’s not exactly what I signed up for but it’s catchy nonetheless!