As someone who seems to attract sticky and generally humiliating situations more than the average person, I would consider myself a ‘regular’ to the feelings of human embarrassment and full-frontal shame. However, it can be assumed that there is always something waiting out there which promises to top the lot.

And for me, all it took was an ’empty’ room, some questionable lyrics and an array of even more questionable arm-flapping.

It is almost customary that my best friend and I take advantage of the premises of an empty room. The situation we befell this particular day was, well.. just another day.

(*Warning, if your dignity is important to you, I recommend that you do not try the following events at home. Or anywhere for that matter.)

We were specifically in a desolate art room this particular day, when the two of us found ourselves forming the next chart-topping hit. Well, it was actually a repetitive chorus about coffee granules.

Seriously, coffee granules.

As we created our cool little beat and rhythm our arms and bodies also played a key role in the formation of our act. 

And it was certainly all fun and games until we realised that we were in fact, not alone.

But who should walk straight in to what could only be described as an abominable sight other than the head of the year accompanied by a prospective student and her parents.

Oh. My. Days.

The horror on our faces could surely have been compared to Edvard Munch’s infamous ‘Scream’ paintingIf only we had had the good fortune at this singular moment to hide behind a frame!

Realising there was no redemption for me at this point, I played heroically along with the teacher’s attempts to carry on advertising the school as though it were not actually an enclosure for promising lunatics.

The worst part? I don’t even like blasted coffee.