Awhile ago I wrote a blog declaring love for my favourite words. Turning that on its head, this post will uncover the more vexatious vocabulary that resides, in my opinion, most un-welcomed within the English language- those words of which I whisper only with dark tones and thorough hesitation.


There is just something unexplainable about this word that causes waves of cringe down my spine. Needless to say, I shan’t be purchasing anything shiveringly labelled ‘moist’ in the near (or indeed very far!) future.


Not only is this phrase painfully overused but it seems to me that it is also completely flawed in its general utility. People, in my experience, seem to use it in order to reinforce potential radical or dangerous behaviour, yet surely the fact that you only live once should inspire one to be perhaps more cautious as opposed to less.


I can safely say that nothing good has ever, or will ever, come out of the use of the word ‘fondle’. There is just something deeply unsettling about this word, and I can’t even imagine that I’m entirely alone on this one!


‘P’s were not designed to be silent. That is, of course, unless this particular ‘p’ was intended to reduce an entire country’s average spelling age by about ten years. In which case; success!


I have never understood the fascination of referring to our loved ones by the labels of infants. Of course, it doesn’t just end at babe as you have other questionable yet common pet names such as ‘baby’ and ‘chick’.

So, there you have it! My ‘Lexical Lament’. Obviously I’m all for the equality of words, but lets be honest, these particular examples bear no heed in helping themselves.