I spend 6 hours a day learning how to answer questions.

In fact, I’ve been learning how to answer questions for over 3/4s of my entire existence.


And yet; the only answers that I ever seem to need, the ones that threaten to determine the  pathway of my life, I can never find. Not that it’s necessarily a matter of searching…

What use is knowing that there are 180 degrees in a triangle when the love of your life wont ever know how you feel.

Sure, I know that E = MC² but I don’t know how people cope with deaths of loved ones.

And the area of a circle will always equal Pi x Diameter, but there are people in the world who wont always have life’s basic necessities .. water, food security.

I suppose there just isn’t a formula to work out humanity’s problems.

Which is a shame since I think that I’m long overdue a formula book to life.

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