‘Those who can soar to the highest heights…


…can also plunge to the deepest depths’…


As quoted from the many words of L. M. Montgomery;  she has, in only a single and short sentence, described my year of 2012 which, in the dwindling of days, is slowly unravelling its inevitable end.

A year…

I trekked for miles over Icelandic mountains, pushed myself in every way imaginable and survived the lot, yet I was also forced to realise that friendship- no matter how old and seemingly cherished- can mean so little when faced with the depths of despair.

I kissed the man of whom three years ago I would have given my right arm to marry and consequently unveiled that things aren’t -at least not always- as good as we may imagine them to be.

I have lived a great deal of wonderful moments and so carry a hand full of memories but I’ve also had to say goodbye.

I’ve fallen in to the arms of ‘love’ but then gripped by the torment of heartache.

It’s been a year and yet it seems like so much more.

548702_3421753747766_2077042805_n (1)

I can’t help but feel as though I look like a villain in this photograph! Haha.