… acai berries!

#1 What are they?

Acai berries are fruits of the ‘acai palm’ and are found in areas such as Brazil and Peru. They are small, round and purple and around an inch in circumference.

#2 Why are they useful?

Apart from being rich in antioxidants this fruit’s oils are occasionally found cosmetics and anti-ageing products as they have been found to be much safer than other tropical oils. Their antioxidant levels also don’t diminish when they are stored long term.

#3 Is it all good?

For most people, yes. However if you have pollen allergies it is recommended that you only consume the berry in moderation although all together this berry is likely to be as safe as sound.


This post was inspired by my fellow blogger and boyfriend (www.Flangefeatures.wordpress.com) whose blog, I feel, relies ingeniously upon one’s imagination! 😉