I pondered for awhile and have finally come up with a list of the five best moments of my life so far, I hope you enjoy reading 🙂

#1 Man Outside Post Office Calls Me ‘Beautiful’

A stranger didn’t just give me a compliment; he gave me faith in the kindness of strangers. Maybe he was just being nice but maybe he knew, it was perhaps clear, that all I needed in my life at that moment was a little faith. When he looked me straight in the face and told me that I was beautiful, well, I almost believed him.

#2 Iceland And Alive

Although I would be content in just saying how the entire two weeks of trekking in Iceland were a compilation of the best moments of my life (they undoubtedly were!) there was a moment, for me, which shaped my whole experience. It was the final day of trekking, we were exhausted, excited and thrilled to have reached our final camp site. At the site there was an enchantingly rustic and homely cafe/lounge type of place. After nine days of living in tents surrounded by mountains, maybe it was the first step back into reality but for me, it was a leap into the extraordinary. The room was decorated with art and a single guitar. We were all sat around, laughing and smiling with over what we had accomplished, and got the guitar down and we began to fill the room with music and soul. We sang together, the seventeen of us, as the team that had been to the highest heights and deepest depths it all came down to this moment. Maybe it was the feeling of being a part of something wonderful, maybe it was all the happiness that leaked from our spirits or maybe it was because I felt like, for once in my life, I was truly alive.

#3 Seeing My Name In Print

Perhaps the most shallow of my ‘favourite moments’, but having an article that I wrote published in an actual newspaper that would be read by actual people was undoubtedly one of the coolest milestones in my life.

#4 My First A*

When I saw that I had gotten an A* in my first English controlled assessment, although not entirely immediately, I gained confidence in the subject that I had always loved but never believed I was tremendously good at. A confidence that, I believe, stemmed my goals of completing a degree in the subject.

#5 Caught In A Mosh

My first experiences in a mosh pit saw me being flung from all sides of a small venue that was pact full of animated lovers of loud music. It didn’t matter who you were; nothing was left compromised. Feeling the music through your entire body and not caring about how stupid you looked letting it all out via questionable head-banging gave me such a buzz of total freedom. A feeling that I have never forgotten.