To understand is a verb of which I occasionally find myself impaired and consequentially I present a list of a few things that kindle this confusion…

#1 Spicy Food

I have never  been able to understand why people choose to put their mouth through this torture! For me, even the slightest heat that erupts in my mouth is unbearable. So, to all those spicy food aficionados; I -although without understanding- salute your treacherous and self-expressed bravery!

#2 Why Men Shave

Beards are profoundly attractive. Why spend hundreds of pounds on designer clothes and fancy hair-gel when your face has the ability to grow that handsome and rugged appeal? Forget the run-of-the mill trend setters like David Bare-Faced Beckham; Gandalf is the true master of style!

#3 Men in General

A self explanatory statement… if only the y chromosome could be that simple…


#4 Chemistry

Though not for a lack of trying this subject has been the cause of many flummoxed looks and thoughtful head scratching. In fact, my understanding of this subject is so dire I can’t even add a further sentiment to this one!

…and now for a perplexed parting!