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Clearing and tidying my room found me holding in my hands a fairly old diary of mine. Flicking through its content I caught sight of some aspiring proverbs and wise sentiments… or what was possibly intended as.  Of course what I actually came across was just peculiar scrawling and dramatic jottings and here I present a small insight into my unusual outbursts…

‘But pouring out my feelings perhaps isn’t a wise idea when I’m supposed to be revising.’

‘Why did my heart sink as though it had been tied to a weight of steel?’

‘We soon found *person* and took a few shots, (via a camera of course, as much as I would occasionally prefer to inflict them with another kind of shot!’

‘It would surly be weeks before our laughing became tedious’.

I suppose what I enjoy most about looking back at old thoughts and feelings is what could be described as the ‘dramatic irony’ that has since been acquired by the narrative voice, otherwise known as me. I know what happens to the girl with the inflated sentimentalities, or at least to a wider extent I do. I know that really it didn’t matter whether or not her hair looked greasy or if she failed an assessment.

Perspective ey?


To understand is a verb of which I occasionally find myself impaired and consequentially I present a list of a few things that kindle this confusion…

#1 Spicy Food

I have never  been able to understand why people choose to put their mouth through this torture! For me, even the slightest heat that erupts in my mouth is unbearable. So, to all those spicy food aficionados; I -although without understanding- salute your treacherous and self-expressed bravery!

#2 Why Men Shave

Beards are profoundly attractive. Why spend hundreds of pounds on designer clothes and fancy hair-gel when your face has the ability to grow that handsome and rugged appeal? Forget the run-of-the mill trend setters like David Bare-Faced Beckham; Gandalf is the true master of style!

#3 Men in General

A self explanatory statement… if only the y chromosome could be that simple…


#4 Chemistry

Though not for a lack of trying this subject has been the cause of many flummoxed looks and thoughtful head scratching. In fact, my understanding of this subject is so dire I can’t even add a further sentiment to this one!

…and now for a perplexed parting!

Today’s post is going to be based around a friend of mine and his peculiar character trait.

This ‘trait’ being how he despises the concept of ‘context’.

This has certainly inspired thought in me; context is always here and there, it helps us understand why certain circumstances have or will come to be. It gives the world, to an extent, a cause.

But maybe that’s just what he is trying to avoid. The giving in to the belief that everything has a cause; that spontaneity is a feat of an impossible nature, that maybe- as humans- we should live purely for who we are and not where or how.

Because, after all, it is the only thing we can fully control ourselves.


When life seems to be tripping you up it is so easy to fall into a state of dwelling and despair; and when this is the tone of my day you really don’t want to be online on my Facebook chat because the odds are you could become an earpiece to a whole epilogue of drivel.

I was in a field for the best part of eight hours on Saturday. This favourite setting of mine was only enhanced as I shared the time with an amazing cast of people.

Is it being away from the world when you’re isolated from the man-made, the seven billion and even time; or are you as close to it as it is humanly possible to be?

And this is me- taking my own advice for once- and attempting to focus on the good.

Because even when you’re up to your neck in despair, there is always something to keep your head up for.

And for me; it’s you.

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