In an attempt to share my experiences of my expedition in Iceland as fully as possible I have decided to publish a slightly abridged version of my journal which I wrote throughout the trip. So here goes;

15th July 2012 (Day Three)

This morning we had to pack for our trek; I only packed the bare essentials yet my pack was absurdly heavy. We left the cosy hostel and on the way we stopped at a huge shop to buy the rest of our food and hopefully find either powdered milk or coffee whitener. After a mad rush around we found everything although we nearly bought self raising flour instead of powdered milk because the packet had ‘mjolk’ on it which we have come to realise means milk! But Dan- thank goodness- wanted to make sure so he asked a fellow shopper who looked mildly puzzled but replied how the powder was for cakes!

Lizzie and I were the team leaders today so when we arrivied at our first campsite we had to get our heads around the budgets and accounts. It felt like we were on ‘the Apprentice!’ We also had to ask the bus driver if he would stop at a fuel station as we needed to buy fuel. Of course, following the quickly accumulating trend of things never going quite to plan, he forgot! Without fuel we wouldn’t be able to eat for nine days so this was quite stressful especially as I was leading and solving the problem was partly in my hands. But in a turn of luck the camp-site’s shop sold it!

We then set up camp. It was at this time Christina, I fear, realised that when I said I hadn’t the foggiest about tents I wasn’t just being modest! Afterwards Mandy talked to us all about tent and trangia safety. We also went for short evening walk which lead us to the edge of the European tectonic plate and we saw (I touched!) the American one! It was awesome!

In between the plates!

Back at the camp we had tea which tonight was pasta, mince and vegetables in a tomato sauce all cooked on our trangias! Whilst we were cooking it some bits of grass fell into the pan (this would later just become every meal’s ritual) but Dan didn’t care at all, he even said it would just add flavouring! That made me laugh a lot! Yum! Later that evening we did a team building exercise involving a rope. The group was split in two and the other group went first. They had to grab the rope with one hand and couldn’t let go. The rope had knots in it that- together- the team had to undo. Our group then gave feedback before it was our turn! We had to accomplish the same outcome (I.e. no knots in a long rope) but a few of us were given disadvantages. For example, Cameron, Ben and I were blindfolded and Dan and Ash couldn’t speak so the majority of the task was put onto the shoulders of Ollie and Christina. It was really fun! I also think it was- as intended- very beneficial for the group to find our weaknesses and strengths as a team and perhaps even as individuals.

working together!

The rest of the evening was spent playing cards! So far these have been my favourite moments whilst being here. We played ‘Bullshit’ (or more commonly known as ‘cheat’). It always ends up with us in hysterics! One of the funniest moments was when Dan put down (in full seriousness) two ones! Oh how we balled with laughter! Dan was not only discovered a bullshitter but also a complete doof for thinking packs of cards contain ones!

Living without darkness is starting to hit me, I miss it!

My exquisitely artistic ‘mug shot’ 😉 taken at the camp site.