In an attempt to share my experiences of my expedition in Iceland as fully as possible I have decided to publish a slightly abridged version of my journal which I wrote throughout the trip. So here goes;

14th July 2012 (Day 2)

This morning we woke up around five minutes before the alarm went off and I felt so sick and ill! We all went down for breakfast but I couldn’t eat anything. I went to talk with Sarah and she was very comforting! Mandy was too, I even gave her a teary(ish) hug! Sarah even gave me a ginger tea and told me to stop worrying. I soon felt a little better when I was able to take my mind off things.

We spent the day doing various tasks like shopping etc but we couldn’t find powdered milk anywhere! For dinner we had beans on toast and I was able to manage a bit. The rest of the day was just chilled but a lot rested on this powdered milk so we continued our search around Reykjavik. It is a wonderful city. I saw ‘The English Pub’ and instantly recognised it. It was later when I realised this was because Alex Day featured it in one of his YouTube videos!

Dan eventually asked the shop if they had powdered milk and a woman overheard his query and told him that she knew where to get some and to follow her. The next thing we know he’s out of the shop door following some Icelandic woman! We weren’t entirely sure what the ‘World Challenge’ protocal is for such situations so we waited for him at the shop and hoped for his return. We were fairly concerned about his welfare and just before Christina, Cameron, Ollie and I split up to find him (around half an hour later) we saw him coming down the street with NO bloody powdered milk! He did, however, seem to become well acquainted with the woman.

We were all getting a little stressed because without powdered milk we were destined for watery porridge and watery ‘Angel Delight’!

Later that evening we all had our food that we had prepared for our trek checked by Mandy. Ours was nothing less than brutal! It turned out we had no where near enough food which was greatly disheartening as it not only meant more weight in our packs but also more shopping!

The Heroic Window Diver

As Christina and I were walking up ‘the Big Bang Theory’ styled stairs Marieke came running down and told us how her bikini top had fallen out of her room’s window and landed onto a roof! She had asked at reception if she could have the key for the room closest to where it had landed and with a confused expression gave it to us. She probably just saw our concerned faces and didn’t understand us well enough to realise our plan of how we would get it.

First we tried using a walking pole but the window wouldn’t open wide enough so Christina got Cameron’s pen knife and tried to saw the plastic lock off the window! But that didn’t work as there was also metal in the plastic. It turned out to matter little that the other window didn’t even open since Christina was willing to and followed through in kicking it open! Yet, despite this heroic effort the pole still wasn’t long enough so we got Ashley’s pole and stuck them together.

And, if luck wasn’t against us enough, the two poles broke and one and a half poles landed on the roof! Christina, in her heroic and focused bikini-retrieving mood jumped out of the window and got them! Meanwhile I was holding the window as open as I could, my nerves were at their very edge and we got Ben and Ash to help Christina back through the window. PHEW.