In an attempt to share my experiences of my expedition in Iceland as fully as possible I have decided to publish a slightly abridged version of my journal which I wrote throughout the trip. So here goes;


13th July 2012 (Day ONE)

On the plane…

I’m currently on the aeroplane! Ollie is sat on my right listening to some crappy music. Taking off was sort of like being on a roller-coaster and was a tiny bit more scary than I remember. I look out of the window (yes! I bagsied the window seat!) and I can either see a very blue sky or the sea but I’m guessing it’s the sea. Going through the airport was as stressful as originally anticipated and I showed myself as quite the noob especially when I declared the two cereal bars that were in my trouser pocket, at least the woman at the counter just laughed my foolishness off though!  Luckily I got through okay. I’m still nervous about the whole trip but there’s certainly no going back now!

Flying over Iceland was almost surreal! The mountains were scattered all over and the houses seemed quite few. It looked exactly like the ‘Game of Life’ board. It was hectic when we arrived and I exchanged my pounds into krona. The houses are so colourful here! Dan had a pleasant conversation with a Norwegian man on the bus ride to the hostel who said that he had to learn French at school as he’d failed chemistry! This made me realise how similar, regardless of culture and age, people can be.

In Iceland I did have a sudden shock of home-sickness and wished I was back in the comfort of Pickering.

We arrived at the youth hostel with our heavy rucksacks and had to climb seven steep flights of stairs that reminded me a lot of the stairs featured in ‘the Big Bang Theory’.

Downstairs we all played a few games of ‘UNO’ before deciding what to have for tea. Afterwards a few of us went for a walk around Reykjavik. The atmosphere here is great! Peaceful and refreshing.

As the youth hostel didn’t supply us with duvets and I was too lazy to scramble through my rucksack for my sleeping bag I decided to just man it up and sleep without one! The night was okay but I could feel a cold coming on so I was dreadfully worried!