“It will happen, eventually.”

If I could go back a few years I would tell myself those exact four words.

Why though?

The answer is- simply-because it did happen!

Something that, a long time ago, I wanted nothing more than to happen.

And although the hope of this occurrence had long left the height of my priorities or even care I can still only be very happy! Especially when I think back to just how much time and yearning I once had for this event which I never thought possible.

I suppose it’s like what happened to me the other day; I was searching for a particular bag that I’d lost but instead came across my earphones that I had lost months ago.

And although I was very happy I had found my earphones, it’s not exactly what I needed at the time or was truly searching for and hence my finding was shaded with a disappointment. But all the same, I was happy over something which wasn’t, as aforementioned,  exactly necessary at the time but once had been the bane of my life.

Is it crazy manipulating your current day to satisfy your past self?

Life,for me, seems to do it’s thing in a rather awkward fashion.