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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Yes! I have survived my World Challenge in Iceland!

And, believe me, that is just one of my smaller achievements on the entire trek.

In only two weeks I have had to overcome fears that I never even realised I had. I’ve have to push myself beyond my capabilities and- perhaps most profoundly- I survived 9 mornings of porridge.

Alas, returning to England and hence reality has made me realise just how much I loved life without it. No Facebook or mobiles. Just living.

But I suppose you know it’s time to be home when you find yourself fed up of mountains stretched in their miles and a constant 360 degrees worth of breath-taking views.

I have an entire journal of adventures and small tales that I cannot wait to share with you and re-live myself.

Until then I shall be resting my weary feet and apologising to my digestive system.


At precisely (or as precisly as English transportation can be, which I suppose isn’t at all!) 8.00 a.m. tomorrow a team of 34 people and I will be leaving our little town of Pickering to the destination of Manchester airport!

For the begining of our adventure in Iceland.

I am both terrified and excited.

I will miss a lot of things; mainly my cat and possibly my bed as well as my friends.

So it will be a short while before you’ll be hearing from the world of Pinkjumpers, but I can’t wait to share all my experiences with you when I return!

In the meantime you can take amusment from this wonderful impression of a unicorn whilst I’m wearing a very small amount of my gear. Lol.


I’m not sure whether to sob or laugh or smile!


This is going to be just a general update of my life

In just three days I will be leaving the comfort and the rain of Great Britain for an adventure across seas.

Well, more like getting smelly and exhausted on a two week trek in the fiery and icy depths of Iceland!

Amidst my nerves and terror I am undoubtedly excited and hopefully ready for the new experiences that await my team and I.

I have also just finished reading ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë; a wonderful masterpiece! And that is even without thinking too deeply of the significant meanings and parallels threaded between the words and chapters.

Deciding what book to take to Iceland is proving quite a difficult challenge especially as I hate knowing a lot about a book before I read it; so I have little to go on with my choices.

I have, however, narrowed it down to three- ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’ by Hardy, ‘Shirley’ by Brontë or ‘Far From the Madding crowd’ by Hardy. But whatever book I choose I shall always associate it with Iceland and my adventures there so there lies the pressure of my ultimate decision. (Any book suggestions would be extremely appreciated!)

As you’ll be able to tell by now, I am a sucker for the old classics.

I shall end this post not just with my excitement of the near future but with a little advice too.

Never leave for a long walk in a fowl mood.


Whilst most people enjoy hearing about what their friends did at the weekend I enjoy, most of all, hearing about what my friends had for breakfast!

I’m not entirely sure why breakfast is the no.1 meal of choice but it can occasionally drift into hearing about others such as dinners etc.

Initially such interrogation  perhaps seemed a little unusual, to say the least, but I think my friends have got used to my humble ways and just put it down to my odd character.

Even though it gets about as exciting as perhaps hearing of a morning of sneaky blue-topped milk or having a second helping of jam on toast, it’s just that kind of thing that I find interesting!

and some people deem me as easily impressed…



“It will happen, eventually.”

If I could go back a few years I would tell myself those exact four words.

Why though?

The answer is- simply-because it did happen!

Something that, a long time ago, I wanted nothing more than to happen.

And although the hope of this occurrence had long left the height of my priorities or even care I can still only be very happy! Especially when I think back to just how much time and yearning I once had for this event which I never thought possible.

I suppose it’s like what happened to me the other day; I was searching for a particular bag that I’d lost but instead came across my earphones that I had lost months ago.

And although I was very happy I had found my earphones, it’s not exactly what I needed at the time or was truly searching for and hence my finding was shaded with a disappointment. But all the same, I was happy over something which wasn’t, as aforementioned,  exactly necessary at the time but once had been the bane of my life.

Is it crazy manipulating your current day to satisfy your past self?

Life,for me, seems to do it’s thing in a rather awkward fashion.


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