I’m writing this post as I get ready for my year 11 end of term prom!

I’ve been so pre-occupied with exams this last couple of months that I haven’t taken any great time to think about the prom, what it means etc.

But now it’s suddenly here!

Which is crazy as I’ve been telling myself for the past five years that there’s no need to bother worrying or even thinking about the prom because it’s so far in to the future..

yet this future is now only a few hours away.

That all aside I’m definitely looking forward to the evening! Most of all I’m looking forward to being with my friends in a sophisticated setting as opposed to a typical muddy day in the woods climbing rotten hills and such.

It could be the last occasion that I spend any time with a lot of people of whom I’ve spent the last five or even eleven years with.

But I’m determined not to dwell on all that sentimental gooey stuff as I’m planning to enjoy myself to the utmost!

Some people seem to take the prom very seriously, which is okay in small amounts until you end up stressing over it; especially as it’s supposed to be an evening of complete folly with the closure of exams and being with chums.

Nope, if I fall over or if someone is wearing the same dress as I…

well, I’m just going to laugh the evening away anyway!

(P.S. pictures soon!)