The world has become, for a first time, a very scary place it seems.

Change at this moment is a constant yet chaotic theme to all aspects in my life.

All this change is so sudden; like everything is falling further out of a once familiar and stable place.

There have been so many sentimental farewells and ‘last times’, it seems like an entire epoch in my life is coming to an end. Although I suppose that was inevitable.

Realising that I will no longer spend my school days with two of my closest friends, or many of whom I’ve grown up with seems like such a sad turning point, I guess that I never truly thought it would happen.

Yes, I have a handful of wonderful memories but never the opportunity to re-live them.

Change is one of the few things that humans cannot control or even, occasionally, help to keep stable. I realise that I’ve never been exactly used to helpless situations..

…if I’m not doing as well as I would like in a subject then I can revise; if I’m lonely I can call someone up or if I’m not as fit as I want to be then I can exercise.

But all this new change in my life cannot be controlled, especially not with time.

Perhaps I’m just having an early mid-life crisis. It seems like something that I would manage!

I suppose I am left to simply look forward to all the new people and memories that are yet to arrive and there is no doubt that I shall.