Why is it that we seem to ridicule those who do not know something one otherwise deems as instinctive knowledge?

This ‘instinctive’ knowledge that people should be born knowing (e.g. who the Queen is or why E=MC2) simply to avoid a status of being ‘ignorant’.

Is it really fair to belittle someone simply for being in an innocent state of  ‘ignorance’?

‘Ignorance’- is a fundamental term meaning a lack of knowledge but it’s negative connotations leave it as insulting as any derogatory word.

Perhaps it’s easy to forget no person came into this world knowing everything or even anything.

And believe it or not there will always be people who don’t know exactly what you know and vice versa.

Simply because everyone’s experiences of and in life couldn’t be more different.

But yet I see it all the time!

I should deem those who see themselves as superior for advocating such demeaning beliefs perhaps the most ‘ignorant’ of all.