So today’s post is just a general update from the land of Pinkjumpers…

As you may have realised my posts have become quite few recently but this is because obviously I have been putting most of my energy into revising for this wonderful season of examinations. (Woo!)

One of the worst things, I find, about exams is the feeling of being isolated and alone in a room full of people. When everything seems to be resting on a single hour or so- completely down to you– the pressure is unbearable sometimes.

This may sound rather crazy but I find it helps when I enter an exam as though entering a battle. The exam: my enemy. It will throw attacks but I will simply fight back!

Haha, oh I should just give up on this ‘life’ thing straight away xD

Looking in my bin and seeing four empty cartons of cranberry juice I think it’s fair to say I’ve been drinking a lot of it lately! It’s just the most amazing drink in the world. Om nom nom :3

Yes so my light-hearted-fluffy tone of my post rightly suggests that- despite my exams- I am very happy right now!

I love my friends, my plans for the future and cranberry juice.

Here’s a picture that I drew yesterday of an excruciatingly beautiful person. (Even though he thinks that he doesn’t like Green Day. Pah!)

(My poor drawing skills are shameful in comparison to his splendour)