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Monthly Archives: May 2012

So today’s post is just a general update from the land of Pinkjumpers…

As you may have realised my posts have become quite few recently but this is because obviously I have been putting most of my energy into revising for this wonderful season of examinations. (Woo!)

One of the worst things, I find, about exams is the feeling of being isolated and alone in a room full of people. When everything seems to be resting on a single hour or so- completely down to you– the pressure is unbearable sometimes.

This may sound rather crazy but I find it helps when I enter an exam as though entering a battle. The exam: my enemy. It will throw attacks but I will simply fight back!

Haha, oh I should just give up on this ‘life’ thing straight away xD

Looking in my bin and seeing four empty cartons of cranberry juice I think it’s fair to say I’ve been drinking a lot of it lately! It’s just the most amazing drink in the world. Om nom nom :3

Yes so my light-hearted-fluffy tone of my post rightly suggests that- despite my exams- I am very happy right now!

I love my friends, my plans for the future and cranberry juice.

Here’s a picture that I drew yesterday of an excruciatingly beautiful person. (Even though he thinks that he doesn’t like Green Day. Pah!)

(My poor drawing skills are shameful in comparison to his splendour)


Here I present a list of my favourite sounds- some perhaps, more obvious than others.

#Dylan’s laugh

Bob Dylan has been known to spend years on albums- with breathtaking results- but I for one would most certainly buy an album just of him laughing. It’s surely the most handsome laugh in the human world! It’s beautiful. To get my ears on this weird love of mine I usually listen to old radio interviews which is a joy in itself.

#My Cat’s snoring

My cat is the owner of an impeccably delicate snore which I love to listen to. She certainly contradicts the usual negative connotations that come with snoring anyway! N’awww.


I’m not sure what it is about this instrument which makes it stand out so much as one of my favourite sounds. I love it especially when featured in folk and punk music! This instrument is capable of two opposites- either filling my soul with joy and cheeriness or equally full of heartache and sorrow; in this case possibly the most disastrous of my favourite sounds!

#Viral video ‘Go Bwah’

Okay this one is sending me straight to hell. If you have never seen the viral video of a girl being pulled to the ground face-first here’s a link My friend and I laugh at this hysterically though we realise we are extremely cruel in doing so! Nevertheless, the sound as she plummets has been described phonetically as ‘BWAAAAAAAAAH’ and it’s this noise which I find so amusing! A human’s voice reaction has never been so creative!

Let me know what you think 🙂

How can one be happy when they have seen and felt the beauty they cannot have?

To be so close to a faraway perfection and then to be torn from it like a page in a book.

What am I to do now?


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