Jealousy- I feel- is the most destructive of all feelings because it can cause a spiral of soul-destructive hate and helplessness.

Again, I’m not going to pretend I have a doctorate in psychology or even back up what I say with some intense life experience I’ve never had.

But I do think a lot and in this post I’m going to explain some of my thoughts on the topic of  ‘jelously’ and may even throw in a little advice of overcoming it.

(Because it’s important to follow your post’s title now and again!)

So why do people allow themselves to be engulfed in this spiral of jealously? Why do we even feel it?

I think the main reason people may feel jealousy- especially jealousy stemmed from  someone else’s success- is caused from the instinct of competition of which is drilled in to us at an early age.

I suppose school can be described as the breeding ground of competition- whether it’s being the best at sport, the most popular, the most pretty or clever: children- although not entirely directly- are taught this idea of ‘ranking’ in society i.e. you’re either the best at something or you’re not.

And as much as competition is important in school as a motivation -what it lacks is regards to the people who aren’t the ‘best’. Or even the people who are the ‘best’ but at some point will get beaten by other children. (Because it’s inevitably going to happen!)

Overall it can cause us to feel unsatisfied with who we are because we don’t always fit in at the ‘top’ of everything.

This is where the jealousy can so easily creep in.

And jealousy brings out the worst in people.

When I look back at my life I hate how much time I spent longing to be someone else: an action that was not only the cause of self-hate but, what seems now, just a waste of time.

What made me overcome this ‘jealousy’, more importantly, was the simple realisation of the fact that there will always be someone better than me.

And with the sincere contentment of this fact, a sense of pressure was released from my shoulders.

Because if you are truly happy with who you are and what you do there is no cause for jealousy.

Always aim for greatness but don’t let it be the cause of falling into the arms of jealousy.