Here are a few Q&As which have taken me back to my good ol’ Bebo days, I hope you enjoy 🙂


Name:  Anna, but you can call me tonight 😉 ..just had to do that!
Nickname: Wardy-G, but it’s practically my second name these days.

Age: 16

B-day: 22nd of November

Birthplace: the wonderful Scarborough *cough
Current location: The internet! :O ..oops, was that pretentious? 😉

Eyecolor: Sort of grey and blue and green… which isn’t due to having three eyes..
Hair colour: Dull old brown 😦
Piercings: 2 normal ear piercings and a single cartilage one in my left upper ear!  
Tattoos: Apart from the occasional, extremely pathetic stick-on ones, I am tattooless!
Boyfriend/girlfriend: I have neither
Siblings: She’s called Alice and is 4 years older.


Colour: Black all the way! Although it can be argued that black isn’t even a colour..
Music: Punk/Folk (but never together!)
Sport: pahahahaha! What’s that?
Holiday: Any!
Food: Popcorn, I find, to be most delicious!
Number: 22- it haunts me!
Movie: Lord of the Rings!
Celebrity: Brian Cox.
Place: Fields
Drink: Cranberry juice! OMMMMM nom
Day of week: I am all for equality of days!
Month: My favourite month is August because I spend my days reading and being with people
Animal: Puss my cat!
Time of day: Any time other than 7.24 as that’s when my alarm goes!
Smell: narcissus flowers, n’awww
Song: Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan (It be the cause of many a’tear!)

This Or That

Hugs or kisses: I am such a sucker for hugs. 
Pepsi or coke: Coke!

Mcdonalds or burger king: Makky d’s obv.
Lover or fighter: Lover
Friends or family: My cat? :3
Love or money: Love! Most definitely
Listen to someone talk or talking: Too many variables!
Personality or looks: Personality, but sincerely!
Magazines or comics: Comics -I have a cool few lying on my shelf


Are you in love: fmnksjnfonqafoqnfjan
Have you ever been in love: I do believe so
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes!
Longest relationship: Two years and five months
Kiss on first date: I don’t believe in pre-marital kissing!


Do you do drugs: I’m guessing you don’t mean paracetamol? 😉

Do you drink: I did but never again.
Do you have any regrets: Of course
Want to get married: Yes
Want kids: I would like a couple :3
Last movie you saw at the movies: It may have been the ‘Black Swan’ with Oliver last year

Can you handle the truth (Lol, it’s getting serious now!)

Biggest fear: Sharks and toads. But you already knew that 😉
Most missed memory: I miss quite a few old friends
First thought waking up: I try to think of reasons to go back to sleep. (Instead of going to school!)
How do you want to die: What kind of question is that? xD As long as I’m not eaten by sharks or bears I suppose I’ll STILL DIE ANYWAY SO IT DOESN’T MATTER xD
Do you get along with your parents: *parent, and there are the few odd occasions when we do
Do you swear: Not compulsively
Do you have a pet: I think I may have already answered this one 😉

Do You Believe In

God: Yes but perhaps not the conventional ‘God’.. 
Religion: I believe that religion is effective in controlling large amounts of people but that’s about it!
Aliens: Of course!
Ghosts: Not quite
Afterlife: I think I would like to believe it
Karma: Definitely

In a Boy

Eye color: That would be crazy to answer xD
Hair color: I’ll answer with a quotation of mine ”I generally prefer dark haired men”- lol
Short or long hair: long and everywhere. 
Piercings or tattoos: Yummy :3