Lately I have been thinking a lot about ‘friends’..

I love all my friends dearly but I have come to the conclusion that if I were ever forced the choice-

I would rather have no friends at all than call a bunch of people who I don’t respect and can’t trust my ‘friends’.

I know a lot of people would choose differently simply because they are afraid of being alone.

I mean, I know some people who can barely just go to the toilets by themselves.

Obviously I generally prefer being with company but I’m far from dependant on it.

I wish people would realise that there is nothing wrong with having standards and integrity-

Because there isn’t anything worse than knowing that as soon as your back is turned your ‘friend’ will be bitching about you.

My friends and I seem to do the opposite of bitching, where we -without even realising- talk of the nice things about people we know.

We call it anti-bitching.

I know what you’re thinking! And don’t worry- anyone can become an anti-bitch!

Haha- and don’t think I’m not aiming this at men either because due to the equal distribution- in regards to the gender of the people I know- I have also come to the conclusion that some men are just as bad at stabbing the metaphorical knife!

This has just been one of those posts which have an initial focus that slowly deteriorates 🙂