This could be the beginning of a series of shameless posts in which I describe some of the weird pleasures, I find, in my life-

Not because I’m looking for social acceptance of my obsurities in a world of critical judgement and evolutionary hierarchy..

(Although I’m sure a little of that couldn’t do me any harm!)

But just because writing and sharing helps me to understand things which would otherwise be circulating in the metaphorical  jug that is my mind.

So the first unusual thing I find pleasurable are videos on YouTube of people’s ‘hauls’ from clothes shopping.

These videos, seriously, just consist of people with humongus shopping bags (and evidently wallets!)  slowing revealing what they have bought that day.

I know what you may be thinking- what could possibly be pleasurable about watching other people showing off a vast amount of expensive and delicious clothing when some people find shopping themselves barely tolerable?

I think most people watch these to see what’s actually out in the shops at the time- but I just find them so relaxing and enjoyable to watch!

These types of videos are far from watching Professor Brian Cox explain the wonders of the Solar System..

But even to the point that a person gets out a green jumper and then feels the need to describe how it’s a jumper and how it’s green.

People have entire channels on Youtube dedicated to this ‘hauling’- imagining the entirety of their wardrobes due to this constant purchase of clothing is also blissful.

I have no idea why I find them so pleasurable- but I don’t think I’m quite alone on this one!

(Don’t think I’m hating on these videos- I really do love them!)