You may be thinking ”Wow! I had no idea Anna was scared of toads!”

Well I wasn’t aware of it either until last summer!

The summer of newly found fears of which still haunt me to this very day…

The events of the aforementioned summer day went as follows;

It was nearing the evening, the clouds had begun to darken and the air was fragrant with a typical summer dew.

I was merrily, or as merrily as one can be when I took out the bin..

My back garden is the very definition of overgrown- but there is an extremely narrow path that is in-between the overgrown ‘forest’ and my neighbour’s wall. So narrow in fact that it’s width is of the exact dimension of my bin- which, in the feature of any other story may be considered a ‘lucky’ thing.

So I was a third of the way down the path when the bin got caught on something which required a moment’s attention.

And just as I was about to carry on down the path I came face to face with it.

Sitting, malevolently staring at me from it’s black and evil eyes.


It’s body a coat of lumps and a colour which almost fully camouflaged it.

And I was trapped.

I was shocked and filled with fright- I screamed.

The bin behind me blocked the path- I couldn’t run away.

It wasn’t long until my neighbour came out, my mum soon following, as my screams apparently caused some alarm.

After realizing the cause of commotion, what was to them just a mere ‘toad’, they didn’t think it upon themselves to help as rapidly as I would have wanted- but soon the bin was taken away and I could flee.

I was relieved, shaken but most of all humiliated!

And it was then I realised my fear for the toad.

(As I typed ‘toad’ into Google images to find an appropriate picture for this post I nearly threw up– you will just have make do with this imagine of a cute butterfly!)