Yesterday I realised something rather peculiar about my character.

Something which I do frequently yet almost unconsciously.

I have conversations with myself.

I understand that most people talk to themselves- it’s not such an abstract occurrence.


But a conversation- you say- must conatin at least two personas for it to work, well my mind seems to cover that too.

For example, I may have a particular thought and then my mind argues with or turns this thought around and an eventual reply is concocted. A reply of an obvious counter argument as opposed to my own reasoning.

You could simply say I have my own personal ‘devil’s advocate’.

And what is alarming is that these arguments and counter arguments, which take place purely in my mind, continue for many turns until I forget who I am!

Is this insanity?


In other news I can also announce my braceless teeth!

This picture really doesn’t help with the accusations of my insanity!

woooooooooooooo 😀