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Jealousy- I feel- is the most destructive of all feelings because it can cause a spiral of soul-destructive hate and helplessness.

Again, I’m not going to pretend I have a doctorate in psychology or even back up what I say with some intense life experience I’ve never had.

But I do think a lot and in this post I’m going to explain some of my thoughts on the topic of  ‘jelously’ and may even throw in a little advice of overcoming it.

(Because it’s important to follow your post’s title now and again!)

So why do people allow themselves to be engulfed in this spiral of jealously? Why do we even feel it?

I think the main reason people may feel jealousy- especially jealousy stemmed from  someone else’s success- is caused from the instinct of competition of which is drilled in to us at an early age.

I suppose school can be described as the breeding ground of competition- whether it’s being the best at sport, the most popular, the most pretty or clever: children- although not entirely directly- are taught this idea of ‘ranking’ in society i.e. you’re either the best at something or you’re not.

And as much as competition is important in school as a motivation -what it lacks is regards to the people who aren’t the ‘best’. Or even the people who are the ‘best’ but at some point will get beaten by other children. (Because it’s inevitably going to happen!)

Overall it can cause us to feel unsatisfied with who we are because we don’t always fit in at the ‘top’ of everything.

This is where the jealousy can so easily creep in.

And jealousy brings out the worst in people.

When I look back at my life I hate how much time I spent longing to be someone else: an action that was not only the cause of self-hate but, what seems now, just a waste of time.

What made me overcome this ‘jealousy’, more importantly, was the simple realisation of the fact that there will always be someone better than me.

And with the sincere contentment of this fact, a sense of pressure was released from my shoulders.

Because if you are truly happy with who you are and what you do there is no cause for jealousy.

Always aim for greatness but don’t let it be the cause of falling into the arms of jealousy.


A lot of people dream about meeting their favourite fictional characters.

And I for one am just one of those dreamers!

I thought it would- could- never happen until a couple of days ago…

As of late I have been reading quite an epic classic that is approximately nine hundred pages long. So far- around  seven hundred pages in- I have found it to be a reality-forsaking book with wondrous plots and characters.

And as usual I have put faces to the characters.

You could say, however, not just any old faces…

I’m fairly certain that I am not the only person, when reading a book, will automatically associate a name of a character to someone real in your life who shares that same name.

So for example if I were to read the line ‘Susan was a beautiful princess’ I would immediately conjure up the image of a Susan from my life and the face would stick until the end of the book.

Regardless of how well they actually fit the character description!

Following this habit: in my book there is a significant female character who shares the name with an acquaintance of mine and so without a conscious effort that acquaintance became the face of the character. And with my solid imagination she really became the character.

In an un-creepy way of course.

As aforementioned I am quite far on in my book and consequently I have become fond and familiar with the character even to the point that she is her own exterior.

It was a couple of days ago when I came face to face with this character (or my previous acquaintance of whose exterior had become engraved in my mind by the words of a book)

Honestly, it was one of the most magnificent and out-of-mind occurrences of my life! It was like the character from the book had just taken a leap into reality.

Previously she was just an image in my mind but now she was alive.

This will probably be the closest I will ever get to my dreams of meeting the fictional, and it was insanely spectacular.

Ahhh crazy old me, eh?


Am I mad for loving you?

Or mad from loving you?

Here are a few Q&As which have taken me back to my good ol’ Bebo days, I hope you enjoy 🙂


Name:  Anna, but you can call me tonight 😉 ..just had to do that!
Nickname: Wardy-G, but it’s practically my second name these days.

Age: 16

B-day: 22nd of November

Birthplace: the wonderful Scarborough *cough
Current location: The internet! :O ..oops, was that pretentious? 😉

Eyecolor: Sort of grey and blue and green… which isn’t due to having three eyes..
Hair colour: Dull old brown 😦
Piercings: 2 normal ear piercings and a single cartilage one in my left upper ear!  
Tattoos: Apart from the occasional, extremely pathetic stick-on ones, I am tattooless!
Boyfriend/girlfriend: I have neither
Siblings: She’s called Alice and is 4 years older.


Colour: Black all the way! Although it can be argued that black isn’t even a colour..
Music: Punk/Folk (but never together!)
Sport: pahahahaha! What’s that?
Holiday: Any!
Food: Popcorn, I find, to be most delicious!
Number: 22- it haunts me!
Movie: Lord of the Rings!
Celebrity: Brian Cox.
Place: Fields
Drink: Cranberry juice! OMMMMM nom
Day of week: I am all for equality of days!
Month: My favourite month is August because I spend my days reading and being with people
Animal: Puss my cat!
Time of day: Any time other than 7.24 as that’s when my alarm goes!
Smell: narcissus flowers, n’awww
Song: Boots of Spanish Leather by Bob Dylan (It be the cause of many a’tear!)

This Or That

Hugs or kisses: I am such a sucker for hugs. 
Pepsi or coke: Coke!

Mcdonalds or burger king: Makky d’s obv.
Lover or fighter: Lover
Friends or family: My cat? :3
Love or money: Love! Most definitely
Listen to someone talk or talking: Too many variables!
Personality or looks: Personality, but sincerely!
Magazines or comics: Comics -I have a cool few lying on my shelf


Are you in love: fmnksjnfonqafoqnfjan
Have you ever been in love: I do believe so
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes!
Longest relationship: Two years and five months
Kiss on first date: I don’t believe in pre-marital kissing!


Do you do drugs: I’m guessing you don’t mean paracetamol? 😉

Do you drink: I did but never again.
Do you have any regrets: Of course
Want to get married: Yes
Want kids: I would like a couple :3
Last movie you saw at the movies: It may have been the ‘Black Swan’ with Oliver last year

Can you handle the truth (Lol, it’s getting serious now!)

Biggest fear: Sharks and toads. But you already knew that 😉
Most missed memory: I miss quite a few old friends
First thought waking up: I try to think of reasons to go back to sleep. (Instead of going to school!)
How do you want to die: What kind of question is that? xD As long as I’m not eaten by sharks or bears I suppose I’ll STILL DIE ANYWAY SO IT DOESN’T MATTER xD
Do you get along with your parents: *parent, and there are the few odd occasions when we do
Do you swear: Not compulsively
Do you have a pet: I think I may have already answered this one 😉

Do You Believe In

God: Yes but perhaps not the conventional ‘God’.. 
Religion: I believe that religion is effective in controlling large amounts of people but that’s about it!
Aliens: Of course!
Ghosts: Not quite
Afterlife: I think I would like to believe it
Karma: Definitely

In a Boy

Eye color: That would be crazy to answer xD
Hair color: I’ll answer with a quotation of mine ”I generally prefer dark haired men”- lol
Short or long hair: long and everywhere. 
Piercings or tattoos: Yummy :3

Lately I have been thinking a lot about ‘friends’..

I love all my friends dearly but I have come to the conclusion that if I were ever forced the choice-

I would rather have no friends at all than call a bunch of people who I don’t respect and can’t trust my ‘friends’.

I know a lot of people would choose differently simply because they are afraid of being alone.

I mean, I know some people who can barely just go to the toilets by themselves.

Obviously I generally prefer being with company but I’m far from dependant on it.

I wish people would realise that there is nothing wrong with having standards and integrity-

Because there isn’t anything worse than knowing that as soon as your back is turned your ‘friend’ will be bitching about you.

My friends and I seem to do the opposite of bitching, where we -without even realising- talk of the nice things about people we know.

We call it anti-bitching.

I know what you’re thinking! And don’t worry- anyone can become an anti-bitch!

Haha- and don’t think I’m not aiming this at men either because due to the equal distribution- in regards to the gender of the people I know- I have also come to the conclusion that some men are just as bad at stabbing the metaphorical knife!

This has just been one of those posts which have an initial focus that slowly deteriorates 🙂

Some people make life worth living.

And it’s these people who are worth writing about.

People who find the good– not the bad.

The people who are first to praise and not criticise.

The people who will step out of the box to achieve or fail-

-for in the end it is the stepping out of the box which is the success.

Too content to be jealous

Too happy to care about the faults in people

Too fearless to give up on any opportunity for greatness

I know these people exist.

Their existence fills me with life

The other day I downloaded a quiz game on my phone (talk about having no life!) yet so far this game has been the cause of a number of intellectual outrages which have not only left me feeling a little smarter but also have left me with a small concern for humanity…

One of the questions was ”How many people are in the Scooby Doo gang”?

At first I thought this question was trying to trick people out as one may immediately think five without understanding that the question was asking for ‘people’…

You can imagine my terror as the correct answer was indeed five– leaving me the supposedly stupid one-

All I have to say to that is that although Scooby Doo may be a beloved cartoon character but he most certainly isn’t a person- he’s a dog!

Regardless of his ability of speech!

And it doesn’t end here..

The question to the answer ‘photosynthesis’- ”What process is common in plants?”



no no no no no

Photosynthesis is a definite process in ALL plants-

Otherwise it’s a dead plant…

You might say that the commonest of common would be in fact all plants- you couldn’t get more common- but I think the question contains fundamental error!


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