These last couple of days I have had the pleasure of celebrating my dearest friend Chelsea’s 16th birthday!

It began on Friday; after a school day consisting of malevolent badminton opponents, polar bears and an exquisite English lesson- we all got the bus to Chelsea’s house.

The evening saw us chatting, laughing and drooling over the cast of Pride and Prejudice!

On occasions such as these it’s so easy to fall in love with life!

To live it.

Especially when you’re kicking some ass on ‘Mario Kart’!

haha :3

And after a night of heart-to-hearts and a mischievous cat we awoke.

Today was Chelsea’s rollerskating party! Rollerskating is indeed a talent I do not posses (in the slightest!) but nevertheless I had a really great time! Really!

Ahhhhh, I know you will be reading this Chelsea so I would just like to say I hope you have had a great birthday and I LOVE YOU AN UNCANNY AMOUNT! 😀 😀 x x

Thank you ^_^ x