Today I’m in a super good mood!

”What happened to the soppy Anna that has been speaking wishy washy nonsense all week?!”

I know- crazy.

So because I’m in a good mood I thought I’d share the wonderments of my week!

Firstly there was the miracle of regaining my lost voice the very day of a speech contest final. You could say that losing my voice was an extremely unlucky thing to occur the very couple of days before such a competition and I’m sure I’d have been incredibly outraged if I wasn’t able to do it! Nevertheless, a little croaky, I was not only able to speak on the night but my team and I managed to get a place in the regional finals! It feels so amazing! We have achieved so much more than we had ever thought possible. Also, my team mates are two of the most amazing people you could ever meet and achieving what we have by their side is breathtaking!

Secondly- my exam results. I’ll keep this one short- I got 98/100 in my physics exam and hence an a* in science overall. I got an a* in my I.C.T. But most pleasing was my English Literature result, despite all my doubts I got an a*! I am undoubtedly happy, to say the least, of these results!

Thirdly there was today’s achievements! Setting off from school at the painful hour of 7 a.m a few of the ‘world challenge’ team and I travelled 117 miles for a sponsored run. I have never done anything like this so I was rather excited but a little apprehensive- there would be hundreds of people running and I didn’t want to be the slow one at the back! After a long bus journey of chatting nonsense and a ‘team warm-up’ the race began! Crowds of people watched as the runners set off- cheering and supporting, it was a wonderful event to have taken part in. I ran 5k by Oliver’s side and it was great! We finished in good time and I think this has been a great experience.

So there you have it! A few good things from my week. 🙂

haha, a sporty picture from the day :3