Have you ever witnessed an act that could only be described as pure idiocy?

An act that made you think ‘GOD HELL THAT IS STUPID!!’

Well here are a few of my recently witnessed acts of pure stupidity…


Today I endured the joy of ‘bag packing’ to raise money for my ‘World Challenge’ expedition. A stupid and mind-numbing task in itself but this isn’t even it! I’ve done bag packing once before and had come to the conclusion that some people are ridiculously fussy over how their shopping is packed so I’m very cautious when I do it. But today exceeded all expectations.It came as a great surprise when a woman called me to halt as I was packing her bag… all I had done was begin to place an item on top of some ‘tortilla wraps’ and was therefore quite confused. She began to speak, ”don’t put that on the wraps- you will squash them”

”Squash them”.

Because apparently you can ‘squash’ something that is already FLAT.

Goodness how stupid!


The second stupid act occurred when I looked at the list of references from search engines that I had to my blog last week. I had the usual search items but then I came across one of deep concern. A while ago I did a purely factual post about bubonic plague doctors and so get a lot of people finding my blog through the search items- ‘plague doctor’ etc.. but last week I noticed that one was ‘Plague doctor photograph’


All I can say to that stupid web browser is good luck finding a photograph 500 years before the invention of the first camera.


Ahh I think that is enough stupid for one post.

Thanks :3