Here I present my second post of the day!

I never used to understand this phrase- ‘love is blind’…

But I do now.

I know now what it is to be ‘blinded’ by love.

To be unable to see your lover’s imperfections. To be careless enough to disregard facts. To be so in love they could do nothing wrong.

Although I can believe this idea- I do not, however, wish to.

But more tragically I believe the quote also implies this idea of being blind to logic which in turn can leave your mind and feelings to wander a land of utter fantasy. One can become so blind of the truth when they are in love that they could just about convince themselves of anything.

Even that they might love you back.

And though I am writing this post I will still let myself be blind.

I’m an utter fool.

”If I had the stars of the darkest night or diamonds from the deepest oceans- I’d forsake them all for your sweet kiss for that’s all I’m wishing to be owning”.