I often imagine what my future husband will be like. (Yes! Like a 5 year old girl).

(I meant that dreaming of my future husband was an act typical of a young girl rather than my ideal husband would be a 5 year old girl..)

Anyway.. back to the obviously serious stuff that my blog usually consists of…

*cough cough 

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who thinks about this- what he or she will be like, what music they will like and how you will feel for them.

The man of my dreams reads poetry, likes bag-pipes and enjoys the dark as much as the light..

But really, I know, this crazy ideal is a load of nonsense!

Love is something you could never expect.. that’s what makes it so profound and- (eurrghh I almost wrote the word magic here.. belurgh xD)

What I’m trying to say is that these ‘perfect’ people that we may or may not conjure up in our minds (and as we have discovered I am very guilty to owning a few of these imaginary folk) ..even if they exist- who wants to be bound to the predictable?

Love, as aforementioned, is unpredictable and to go so far as to be blinded by your ideals so that you only seek the ‘perfect’ person.. well.. good luck with that I guess.

But for me I know what it is to love the unexpected, to fall for something far from what you could ever imagine

and I know that that is what I truly want..

..not a perfect, handsome man who treasures literature and understands the laws of physics…

But someone who I could never imagine or define…

He is beautiful.