So, a few days ago I broke up with my boyfriend of two years…

My best friend.

It’s like people expect, just because we are not romantically joined, that we must participate in the dramatic ‘ex’ scenario of awkward encounters down hall ways, dirty looks and making sure that you laugh that little harder whenever they are near so they know your life is just that little bit sweeter.

But I see that two years is a long time for two people to have been together and for that time just to disintegrate into painful memories of your ‘lousy’ ex..

But that’s why we’re not following that expectation!

Like, why is it so unbelievable for two people to make a great friendship from an otherwise shitty break-up?

Screw people’s expectations!

Like I care if being best friends with your ex is weird?!

Maybe the world would be a more ‘lovey’ place if everyone just screwed life’s crappy expectations..