So there are a lot of things going on in the life of Pinkjumpers!

Which is good because I kind of feel like Ross on that episode of ‘Friends’ when evey single thing reminds him of his ex wife..

..Yeah xD

I suppose the main thing on my mind at the moment is … Nyan cat?!

It’s true! I’ve been playing it for nearly half an hour.. but sort of on and off ALL FRIGGIN DAY- haha :3

But seriously! My team friends and I are taking part in a speech competition on Tuesday which is going to be AMAZING! Especially since we’re basically talking about how much we hate sports! Haha!

Unfortunately we have to be dressed smartly and looking through my wardrobe today I realised that I own NOTHING of the sort.. so naked it is.

Another note, it is extremely depressing have six empty cans of coke on your desk and piles of degree-level maths papers.

Something I can’t drink and something I can’t do– yay!

Anyway this has been a really lame post so….

I’ll talk to you soon ^_^